Thursday 7 September 2017

Paolo Duterte & Mans Carpio appears before the Senate

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV wish was granted today.

Before the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, son in law Atty Manases Carpio and Davao City Vice-Mayor Paulo Duterte appeared  to answer questions regarding the 6.4 Billion pesos worth of Shabu that entered the country from China.

The Vice Mayor said that  he would not answer allegations “based on hearsay.” *
Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte and the president's son in law Atty Manases Carpio take their oaths in the continuing senate probe of the smuggling of P6.4 billion worth of shabu from China (photo credit PhilStar)

In compliance with the invitation of this honorable committee and as a gesture of respect to the Senate, I am formally appearing in today’s proceedings. Once and for all, I now have the time to deny any and all baseless allegations thrown against me,” Duterte said in a prepared statement.

“My presence here is for the Filipino people and fellow DavaoeƱos. I am very sorry but I cannot answer allegations based on hearsay,” he said.

The Senate Blue Ribbon Committee is continuing its investigation regarding the smuggling of the P6.4 billion worth of Shabu that passed through the BOC as well as the so called “tara system” that is so prevalent in the Bureau as revealed by Senator Panfilo Lacson in his Kita Kita inspired privelege speech last month.

"Once and for all, I now have the time to deny any and all baseless allegations thrown against me," Paolo Duterte told the senators in the plenary.

“In closing, a Senator once said that we are a family of murderers and I am untouchable. Allow me to quote a message from a colleague of mine, every talk has its day; the law of karma will operate specially to those with evil intent,” the Davao City Vice-Mayor said. *

As for the Presidential son in law , Atty. Carpio, the husband of Sara Duterte and currently the incumbent Mayor of Davao City  said that "have been publicly crucified based on rumors and gossips."

Senator Trillanes accused Paolo Duterte of being a member of the Chinese triad, an organized crime group. Trillanes claims he got his information from a foreign government, to which he agreed to divulge the information to his fellow senators in an executive session because of the sensitivity of the matter.

Can I see your tattoo?

Trillanes also claims that the proof that indeed Paolo Duterte is a member of the Chinese triad lies on a tattoo with a serial number to the faction one belongs to,which he claims Paolo Duterte has.

Paolo Duterte acknowledged he has a tattoo during questionings by Trillanes but refused to show it, citing his right to privacy.

The lawyer of the Vice Mayor, Atty. Rainier Madrid asked the relevance of the need to see a tattoo, he asked if the senator is gay for insisting that his client reveals his back tattoo.

"Why does he want to see my client's tattoo? Is he gay?" Madrid told reporters in a televised ambush interview. He said he would have allowed Duterte to bare his body art only if Trillanes outs himself as a homosexual. *

Madrid told reporters that Paolo was willing to show his tattoo, but advised against it because it will be like entertaining an “insult”. As a lawyer, he claims he could be disbarred from the profession for allowing Paolo to comply with Senator Trillanes request.

Madrid further calls Triallanes so-called evidence as mere propaganda . "Why do you have to play his game? The job of the lawyer is to let the enemy play our game," Madrid said.

"My game is that to show him as a propagandist. He always resorts to intel reports hearsay, chismis everything," he added.

Trillanes tried to bait the Paolo and Atty Carpio to sign waivers if indeed they don’t have secret bank accounts, which the senator claims they have. The two made a categorical answer of “no” they will not sign such waivers.



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