Thursday 19 October 2017

DFA Sec. Cayetano, defends bloggers in the UN General Assembly

Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary  Allan Peter Cayetano had the perfect place and audience- the 32nd session of the United Nations General Assembly .

DFA Secretary Cayetano delivered a speech on behalf of President Rodrigo Duterte before the 32nd session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York last September 23.

It was there the DFA Secretary was able to explain the policies of the Duterte administration which has been in constant attack from criticisms from the international community or other countries.  *
Philippines top diplomat, Secretary Allan Peter Cayetano addresses the United Nations General Assembly (photo credit APC)

"It was a major policy speech. Kung wala 'yung bloggers, paano 'yung coverage namin?" Cayetano told reporters at the sidelines of the ASEAN High Level Forum in Pasay City.

"I’m saying nga whether wala kayong budget or wala kaming budget for everything, the reality is 'pag oposisyon ang pumunta doon you see all the TV cameras... So anong laban namin? How do we get our message out? It’s through you guys and through the bloggers," he added.

Cayetano also said that the Philippine government is facing criticism from the international community.

"Sobra ang paninira sa atin around the world and then kulang na kulang 'yung coverage," he said.

The Senate hearing weeks ago regarding the “Seven Deadly Sens” that was published in the blog has opened the world of blogging-bloggers which already plays an important role in our society. Social media has become a tool in the information dissemination as wells as black propaganda – depends how it will be used.

It was there also, pro administration (Duterte) bloggers was for the first time was seen in the halls of the senate.

The DFA Secretary explained and defended the presence of Mocha Uson and RJ “Thinking Pinoy” Nieto as part of his official delegation in the United Nations assembly.   *

"Asec. Mocha is not only a blogger. She’s assistant secretary of PCOO so that’s the real story," Cayetano said.

Nieto, on the other hand, is a consultant for the DFA Office of Migrant Workers' Affairs.

"He was part of the DFA and actually napansin ko when he blogs about it, mas marami rin sumusulat about it," the secretary said.

Cayetano revealed that many bloggers had offered to help him, including Sass Sasot, who reportedly spent her own money to attend a forum with OFWs in Geneva, Switzerland last May.

The secretary said that he does not see anything wrong with the DFA or with other top officials of the government to engage with bloggers.

"We’re not saying that everything they say is gospel truth but it’s important for this government, which is sometimes misunderstood, to have our own mechanisms of direct conversation," Cayetano said.

Report from Philstar.



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