Thursday 19 October 2017

DFA Sec. Cayetano : PH will no longer accept new grants from EU

The Philippines will no longer accept new grants from the European Union (EU), the (EU)-Philippine relations,will be on a different situation that it normally should.

Last week, President Rodrigo Duterte vented his ire against the EU, wherein he mistakenly accused Europe for calling for the country’s ouster from the United Nations he further told the European diplomats to leave the country in 24 hours .

All of that was brought about by the seven-member delegation of the International Delegates of the Progressive Alliance visited the Philippines. The bloc clarified the delegation was not an EU mission as “falsely reported” in the media. The staff of the President tried to control the damage, but the president remained unapologetic and even slammed the EU gain for doing nothing about the visit of the seven-member group- which was very critical of the administration’s brutal drug war. *
The Philippines not accepting new grants would mean the loss of 278.73 million worth of grants, according to the European Union Ambassador to the Philippines Franz Jessen.(photo credit to gmanews)

Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano , made the statement that the Philippines will no longer accept new grants from the Eu to stop the bloc’s perceived meddling in the country’s domestic affairs.

Sec. Cayetano said that while the Philippines is being “treated as a sovereign nation,” the EU supposedly uses the aid package as an “excuse” to criticize Manila, particularly the conduct of Duterte’s brutal and unrelenting  drug war.

The country’s top diplomat also slammed “specific” EU member-states and human rights groups for supposedly spreading “fake news” to the international community and for being “biased” against the Philippines.

“The whole point of his (Duterte) speech is that we have a problem and the problems are drugs. It’s affecting millions of Filipinos, millions of families, and we have to do something about it,” Cayetano told reporters in Camp Bagong Diwa.

“But certain groups are giving wrong facts—are giving fake news. Sinisiraan tayo all over the world so that’s why he’s decided na sa ngayon, hindi tatanggapin ang new grants from EU,” he added.

The European Union has been one the consistent critics of Duterte’s anti-drug campaign.

EU Ambassador to the Philippines Franz Jessen earlier said cutting aid from the 28-member bloc would mean the loss of about €250 million or $278.73 million worth of grants. *

EU overtook the United States and Japan as being the largest destination of exports from the Philippines in March, according to the Philippines Statistics Authority.

With $901 million of total exports, this makes the EU the biggest and fastest growing export market for Philippine goods.

In 2014, the Philippines was granted beneficiary country status under the General System of Preference (GSP+) —a preferential trade deal that allows 6,200 of its products to enter the EU market duty free.

Grants are welcome, if no strings are attached

“With the President’s (Rodrigo Duterte) directive now, we have to communicate formally to the EU ambassador Franz Jessen that as of now hindi tayo tatanggap ng (we will not accept) aid. It should not affect our overall relationship, it should not affect our trade, it should not affect our bilateral relationship. It should not affect our working relationship,” DFA Sec. Cayetano told reporters on the sidelines of high level forum on ASEAN.(PNA) *

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