Wednesday 27 September 2017

Sen. Sotto to file a cyber libel case against "Silent No More PH" blog

The “Silent No More PH” is not silent anymore….

Senator Vicente Sotto III in his privilege speech will file cyber libel case versus the writers of a blog which carries the name  “Silent No More PH”  which published an article that specifically called him and other senators as “Malacanang dogs.”

The blog published an article titled “Malacanang Dogs in the Senate: Pimentel, Sotto, Gordon, Villar, Zubiri, Honasan, Pacquiao” which criticized the seven senators mentioned for not signing a resolution urging the government to end the killings of minors.   *

Senator Vicente Sotto III will file a cyber libel case against the writers of a blog which carries the name "Silent No More PH" (photo credit to Philstar)

Sotto, who said the resolution never reached his office, described the blog post as “nothing but pure malice.”

I have never seen the shadow of this resolution. Hindi dumaan sa opisina ko yan pagkatapos ‘I did not sign’? (It never passed through my office, then they say I did not sign?)” Sotto said in a privilege speech.

The Silent No More PH blog post also criticized each of the seven senators and resulted to name-calling.

Sotto said he was called a “rapist, plagiarist, and bigot who called all single mothers as good for nothing but accidental whores.”

Grabe ‘to (This is too much),” Sotto said. “Ginagamit itong resolution para siraan kami (This resolution is being used to destroy us).”

“I will request to direct the Senate Secretariat to investigate who’s behind prostituting this resolution and use the NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) Cybercrime Division because I will be very kind. I will just file a cyber libel case against these people,” the senator added.

Sotto also described the blog post as a “stupid, silly news item.”

Malicious intent  by Liberal Party involved?

Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III, Senator Richard Gordon, Cynthia Villar, Juan Miguel Zubiri, and Manny Pacquiao also made manifestations to explain that the same resolution never reached them. *

Like Sotto, Senate President Pimentel said that he never saw the resolution himself and was against not just the killing of minors but of Filipinos as well as foreigners.

Senator Pacquiao said that he also condemned the killings, especially of children, and would have signed the resolution if he had the opportunity to do so.

Sen. Dick Gordon described the blog as “cowardly” and also said that he would have signed it.


As for Senator Zubiri said that having a resolution passed around without their knowledge felt like being “stabbed in the back.”

He said that he and the six other senators who did not sign the resolution have filed their own resolution condemning the killings.

Villar also explained that she and the other six senators “did not refuse to sign” but “were not asked to sign.”

“Somebody from media told me two senators are going to destroy us. It’s only when I saw that blog when I started thinking ‘maybe this is the beginning.’” Villar said.

She later revealed that the two senators she was referring to were Senators Paolo Benigno Aquino IV and Risa Hontiveros.

Kiko Pangilinan explains

Senator Francis Pangilinan, who drafted the resolution and passed it for 15 other senators to sign, took the stand to explain that he had no intention to place other senators in a bad light and only decided to file the resolution since it already had enough signatures. *

“If other senators felt that there was an attempt not to include them that is not the case. We did not intentionally exclude anyone. It’s just that at that point, I had to leave early. Considering we had several session days to go, there are, we decided let’s go ahead and file it,” Pangilinan said.

Kiko Pangilinan also apologized if any of the seven senators felt “singled out.”

“I’d also like to apologize if some (of) our colleagues felt that I should have taken the extra mile and I failed to do so. I have no control over what social media will decide to upload. We have no role whatsoever in the uploading of unacceptable material,” he added.


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