Monday 27 November 2017

Former Pres. Aquino on China being the 3rd Telco: "possible National Security implications"

Former President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino, cites possible national security implication on the possibility of China being the 3rd player in the PH Telco industry (photo credit to owner)

A third Telecommunications company is expected, after Malacanang made a pronouncement that the President offered it to the Chinese.

Globe and PLDT are the only telco players in the country, and they have already profited themselves in the millions despite improve services are very much wanting. Malacanang even declared “ The telecom duopoly is about to end.”

Presidential Spokesperson, when asked why it was offered to the Chinese, Roque quoted the President as giving the capital and the technology in the telecom service.

“Consider also the proximity and the fact that we want to avail ourselves of as much economic advantage that we could arising from the renewed friendly ties with China,”  Roque added.

Former President Benigno Aquino III, gave his warning and thoughts in pursuing this plan of the present administration. Aquino, cited a very serious national security implications if this will push through.

Free trade with China is good, but  “there are things that have national security implications.” The former President said.

Aquino said that with the ongoing maritime dispute between the two countries, there could be an “actual potential conflict” if and when China becomes part of the Philippines’ infrastructure communication.

Aquino recalled that years ago, the US and Australia cited national security as a reason why they did not allow Chinese communications and technology companies to take part in businesses in their countries, including the national broadband networks.

The two countries were concerned about China’s possible cyber-snooping.

 “Maraming bagay na tila baliktad sa pananaw namin. Sana ang pinagbabasehan nila ay mas tama sa pinagbasehan namin,” Aquino said.

The offer to China to be the third player in our telecoms industry was done by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during the bilateral talks with Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang.

PHL ranking

In the September study of the “Speedtest Global Index” the Philippines ranked 94th out of 121 countries for mobile internet, while it was 91st out of 131 countries for fixed broadband.

The Facebook Deal

The government last week signed an agreement with an affiliate of Facebook for the building of “Luzon Bypass” of the Pacific Light Cable Network, which “will provide bandwidth of two terabits per second.”

“These 2 terabits is equivalent to the current capacity of the duopoly operators today,” Roque said.

“This agreement with the subsidiary of Facebook should have been signed as early as December 2016. It was not signed by the former secretary of the DICT,” Roque explained.


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