Monday 23 October 2017

Tapang at Malasakit Alliance for the Philippines against Destabilization efforts against the President

And the political scene just got colorful. Last September, the President said he will declare a revolutionary government if his critics pursue destabilization moves to unseat him.

Maybe tired of being in the receiving end and always being reactive to the propaganda of the opposition, the Mayor from Davao City strikes back.

The mass support the President has never been tried to be formally organized by the President or any of his political companions. No better than the eldest Presidential daughter and incumbent Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte will be the face of the newly formed coalition that has its opurpose principally to counter destabilization efforts against her father, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.  *
Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte led the launch of Tapang at Malasakit in Taguig today (Photo credit to Philstar)

Tapang at Malasakit Alliance for the Philippines, which was launched today at at the Marquis Events Place in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

According to the group’s Facebook post, the alliance will be the umbrella organization of all groups who supported President Duterte during the presidential campaign in May 2016. Joining the group will serve as a pledge for a better Philippines and a commitment to be good citizens,  the group said.

“This is an alliance of groups who believed in the President and trusted his vision of change for the Philippines—a nation long besieged by systemic and deeply rooted woes brought by poverty, corruption, peace and order issues and narco-politics,” the group said.

“We [will]stand together, firm in our decision to fight for our country, vowing to resist interests and forces out to topple a democratically chosen leader of the nation. We will guard our freedom from the traitors of the Philippines and those who betray economic stability and government authority,” it added.

Tapang at Malasakit Alliance for the Philippines ,claims to have members from all ranks — teachers, overseas Filipino workers, artists, doctors, students, retirees, young professionals, lawyers, artists, engineers, businessmen, as well as lumads, Muslims, and government workers. *

As of October 17, at least 75 groups were listed under the Tapang at Malasakit Alliance for the Philippines. These include: Duterte-Cayetano Socmed; DDS Global; Duterte Youth; Mindavote; The Amazing Duterte Ninjas-Japan; Rody Duterte Solid Group; PDP Laban Volunteers for President Duterte; Friends of Rody Duterte; Duterte Alliance Hongkong; Sisterhood for Duterte; Vivian Velez Group; Hugpong Federal; Alyansang Duterte Bongbong; Doctors for Duterte; DDS Bloggers; Pwersa Pilipino Patungo Sa Pagbabago; United Builders Missions of the Philippines, Inc.; Republic Defenders for Peace and Unity, among others.

Ronald Gian Cardema, commissioner of the National Youth Commission for Luzon, is the chairman of Duterte Youth. Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. chief Andrea Domingo is a member of Friends of Rody Duterte.

President Duterte said, the  bank deposits of Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th, one of his fierciest critics, could have been used to fund attempts to destabilize the Duterte administration, the same way the bank records of the late Chief Justice Renato Corona was used to impeached him.

That prompted the president to state the “threat of destabilization is as real as the threat of terrorism.”

“All of his claims of destabilization are from intelligence reports and reliable sources from inside the offices of the people identified with the opposition,” Sara, a lawyer like her father, said. *

However, Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) spokesman Maj. Gen. Restituto Padilla had said there are no destabilization threats against the Duterte administration.

At the launch the mayor said that : "Let us set aside our personal politics that has torn our country every time we have a new president."
report from Manila Times


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