Tuesday 10 October 2017

Duterte told Australian Navy: if HMAS Adelaide is decommissioned, just park it in PHL

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, visited the largest ship of the Royal Australian Navy – the His Majesty’s Australian Ship (HMAS) Adelaide- that was docked at the Port of Manila.

The welcoming party was headed by Australian Ambassador Amanda Louise Gorely, assistant defense attache of the Australian Embassy Lt. Col. Gideon Scrimgeour, and HMAS Adelaide Capt. Jonathan Earley.

President Duterte was given the red carpet tour of the landing helicopter dock ship HMAS Adelaide ,  he toured the medical facility of the ship, flight deck, and bridge and flight control office. Joining the  Accompanying the president in his tour  were Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea, Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana, retired Lieutenant General Arthur Tabaquero, and Philippine Navy's Vice Admiral Ronald Joseph Mercado.  *
President Rodrigo Roa Duterte in his toured Australia's largest warship and thanked Australia for being one of the Philippines' ally (photo credit to owner)
In his speech, the President welcomed the ship officials and crew of the navy ship that is in its maiden deployment to the South East Asian region.

“I’d like to welcome you officially to the Philippines. And we’re happy that you found time to visit us,” he said.

President reiterated his support to Australia and the Philippines being allies.

“And that is why we reiterate our full support with our Australian friends, Americans, and even Chinese, Malaysian, all, to show to this one guy that he has to stop threatening the world. Because he runs the risk of being destroyed first,” he said.

In his speech the President told the Royal Australian Army to park the Her Majesty Australian Ship Adelaide- its largest ship- in the Philippines if it decides to decommission it.

“The captain said that if you decide to decommission this one and come up with a new one, just park it here. I’ll give you the ticket back home to Australia,”

The Australian soldiers, the Australian Ambassador to the Philippines, and the presidents’ entourage  laughed after hearing what just the president said.

HMAS Adelaide is 230 meters in length weighing 27,800 tonnes. It is designed to provide medical and humanitarian assistance during regional emergencies. It was commissioned last 2015, the ship also has a defensive systems and weaponry including an anti-torpedo towed system and gunnery. *

It has a 40-bed hospital with two operating theaters and a 200-meter flight deck that can carry up to 12 helicopters. It can also transport up to 1,000 military personnel and their equipment for a rapid disaster response deployment.

The navy ship will also dock in Subic to continue the crew’s engagement with their Filipino counterparts.

More than 100 Philippine Armed Forces personnel, including the elite Philippine Marines, will participate in a sea-ride on Adelaide’s landing craft for a hands-on experience of the Australian Defence Force’s humanitarian and disaster relief capability.

The Australian Embassy noted Australia and the Philippines’ long-standing Defence Cooperation Program, which includes counter-terrorism, maritime security, and capability development assistance to the Armed Force of the Philippines.

Report form PNA.gov.ph

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