Thursday 5 October 2017

Bongbong confident of ousting current Vice President Leni Robredo in the electoral protest

Former Senator and vice presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos declared that he is confident of his legal challenge in the Supreme Court that will oust incumbent Vice President Leni Robredo.

Marcos, lost to Robredo in the slightest margins last year which brought about the election protest being filed in the Supreme Court by the Marcos camp. He, alleges that Robreso, cheated by manipulating the computerized vote counting machines.

The namesake of the former president Ferdinand Marcos has also confirmed that his family was in talks with President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, which the family considers as a political ally, to finally outing an end in the hunt of the billions of dollars-worth of assets allegedly taken by the Marcos family from the national coffers. *
Bongbong Marcos which has lost to Maria Leonor "Leni" Robredo, filed an election protest in the Supreme Court alleging the latter cheated by manipulating the computerized vote counting machines(photo credit to abs-cbn website)
"We are definitely sure that when the recount starts the true result will emerge and prove that the votes in the vice-presidential election had been incorrectly counted," Marcos told reporters.

The victory in the Supreme Court will be a further cementing the Marco’s family’s political comeback, thirty one years after the “People Power” revolution which ended the 20-year rule of the Marcos patriarch and also made the family to be exiled in Hawaii.

The alliance was evident between Duterte and the Marcos fsmily when the president  gave the permission for the late president Marcos to be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani, to the dismay of some sectors. Also the president has been very vocal that in the last elections he got the full support of Governor Imee Marcos which up until now has a stronghold in the northern part of the country.

The president last month said that the Marcos family had proposed a settlement wherein they will be turning over to government possession some of its assets which includes “a few gold bars.”

Bongbong said to the media that the family was offering to sign a "quit claim" deed in which it would identify properties and assets it had acquired legally and relinquish its claim to whatever else the government finds.  *

"If the government is saying we are hiding other things, we will help you find it and you can have it," he added, while declining to provide estimated values.


Report from philstar


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