Wednesday 4 October 2017

A plot to unseat President Duterte is now at play...

It is clear that a well-coordinated plot to take down the President is now at play.

It is a plot that draws its sustenance from a sense of entitlement of those who took power after the fall of Marcos. These are the people to which the coup led by Juan Ponce Enrile and Fidel Ramos had to yield. And when that happened, it was as if the country was handed over to a privileged class who took it upon themselves to act like they have a franchise over us.

Not contented in demonizing Marcos to erase him from our collective memory, these privileged elites bullied out of power, or if they failed, jailed leaders who do not belong to their cabal.  * 

In case of death, permanent disability, removal from office, or resignation of the President, the Vice-President shall become the President to serve the unexpired term. 1987 Philippine Constitution Art. VII Sec. 8 (pfoto credit to owner)
Aside from Cory Aquino the mother and Noynoy Aquino the son, only Fidel Ramos who Cory personally anointed survived this elitist cabal. Erap Estrada was ousted, and then jailed. While attempts were made to oust Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, they failed, but they made sure she would be jailed after her term ended.

It is not as if there is one single human agency that directs this power to boot, but what is apparent is that it is a confluence of interests that streamed down from the entitlements of those who wanted to take back the control of our politics and economy after Marcos denied them of such. Starved for decades, this privileged oligarchic class can only wish that never again would they be denied their entitlements to our political and economic largesse, and if it means tossing aside a recalcitrant member like Gloria, then it must be done. Erap was never part of the script, as he did not fit. His was the first rebellion of the masses against the privileged class, and that is why the elites enabled, if not orchestrated, his downfall in the guise of an anti-corruption campaign.

For it is always the narrative of these master puppeteers. It is always a fight against corruption. And it is always with reference to the Marcos era and its human rights violations. But certainly, such was not used against Ramos despite the fact that he was the chief executioner of martial law, for he was shielded by Cory Aquino’s political embrace. *

And this reveals the hypocrisy of these privileged yellow elites. The stigmatizing narratives associated with Marcos can only be deployed on their political enemies, but not on them.

And this cabal of power brokers and guardians include not only the yellow oligarchic class, but found root in the anti-Marcos sentiments in academia, civil society, the church and the media, and enabled by external forces. It is in this complex web that the politicians had to play their game.

We always think that the elected politicians are the ones directing the political play, when in reality it is this well-entrenched cabal that enabled or undermined the political landscape of our country.

Even Renato Corona became a victim to the machinations of these privileged elite guardians of the yellow brand of politics. Corona’s victimization was from the hands of a concerted effort directed by Noynoy Aquino in MalacaƱang and executed by an LP-dominated Congress, and with participation from a partisan Ombudsman, the COA, the media and Raissa, civil society and Harvey, and a little lady.

Corona’s ouster and Gloria’s imprisonment have further emboldened the sense of entitlement and invincibility of the yellows. And it is not enough to take down political careers. They also wanted to prolong their hold on power, even if it meant manipulating elections. *

But the universe is not for them to totally own forever. While they may have owned the political elites, they have lost control of the underbelly of Philippine politics. The masses who the yellows thought were simply the passive voters they can beguile and use as crowds in their rallies, tired of being promised change that never came, ignored by an uncaring and detached President who seemed to have his own world, decided to elect Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

President Duterte is a rude disruption of the narrative of this privileged yellow class. And even before he could begin his presidency, the plot was already being hatched to take him down using every dirty trick used on their previous victims, from Erap and Gloria to Renato Corona, except that this time they would have the help of an army of anonymous trolls that now inhabit social media.

It is just too obvious, from the confluence of events, to the simultaneous, almost incessant timing of attacks. And all actors are in play. The LP politicians and Trillanes doing their spiels in hearings and in press conferences; Ombudsman Carpio-Morales, while inhibiting, has enabled her deputy to inflict on us once again her flawed accounting; anti-Duterte social media, anonymous or otherwise, and their enablers in civil society, church and academe are working on overdrive in their attacks; and traditional media, both local and foreign, either playing dead or twisting and slanting their reportage, all to the detriment of the President. And they use the same stigmatizing labels of corruption, alleged ill-gotten wealth, and human rights violations. *

This is an open declaration of war, a not-so-subtle move to take down the President which the yellows have considered to be an unwanted threat to their forever.

Some are hoping that another EDSA may be in the offing, as what Senator Trillanes is trying to replicate in Agham Road, when he called on people to rally to defend the Ombudsman. Some anti-Duterte posts in social media speak of an impending revolution that can oust him, taking cues from their own echo-chambers.

They must be dreaming. The people solidly behind Duterte are what will stop the yellows dead in their tracks.

They speak of a revolution to oust the President. What they should be afraid of is the revolution that may ensue if he is taken down.

The article was written by Mr. Antonio P. Contreras of the Manila Times titled “The yellow plot to take down the President” which was published October 5, 2017.

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