Monday 23 October 2017

A call for unity by Mayor Sara and Baste Duterte

During the launch of the “Tapang and Malasakit Alliance” where it was composed  of almost 30 pro- Duterte groups from all over the country. The alliance is principally to thwart any destabilization efforts as against the sitting president.

Mayor Duterte led the launching of the alliance which they hope would greatly help the president answer critics and deliver his message of unity and dedication to service and hard work.

The eldest presidential daughter of the President incumbent City Mayor of Davao Sara Duterte-Carpio including Sebastian “Baste” Duterte during the launch of the alliance made a passionate call for unity amid political division in the country.  *

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio led the launch of the Tapang at Malasakit Alliance in Taguig yesterday (photo credit to owner)

Pare-pareho naman tayong Filipino lahat so kung mag-aaway tayo na hindi naman productive… wala namang maitutulong sa bansa natin ‘yun diba so anong punto noon? (We are all Filipinos so if we will argue over something unproductive…it will not help our country, so what’s the point?)” Baste, youngest son of the president, said in an ambush interview.

“Kaysa mag-away tayo, ba’t ‘di na lang tayo magkaisa para tulungan ‘yung bansa natin? (Instead of fighting, why can’t we just unite to help our country?) that’s it,” he added.

Baste made the statement during the launch of Tapang at Malasakit Alliance for the Philippines, which seeks to gather support for government campaigns like the rehabilitation of Marawi City.

Sara said she believes in dissent as it is a “facet of democracy” but she opposed the criticisms which just intend to smear the names of the ruling officials in the country.

“It is a different matter altogether if you lie just to oppose and paint to the world a sad and hopeless Philippines,” Sara said in her speech.

“Our President is human, very imperfect, but hes a wrangler. We only have 6 years to take advantage of his aggressive spirit, and use him to create a better future for our country. We should all rally behind our government and focus on the task of turning this country into a globally competitive player in the region,” she added. *

Both Baste and Sara said they welcome the varying opinions of the president's supporters and opposition members but they call on them to unite for the country.

Sara said unity may start by helping in fighting global terrorism and rebuilding of war-torn Marawi City as well as focusing on poverty which she claimed "has fueled narco-politicians."

“Set aside our personal politics that has torn our country every time we have a new President. Make our respective groups, a positive voice in our communities. Let us stand together for our country,” Sara said.


Report from Philstar


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