Wednesday 6 September 2017

The brutal killing of a 14 year old boy from Cainta

14 year old Reynaldo de Guzman, was missing for 20 days before his body was found  floating in the Kinamatayang Kabayo creek in Gapan, Nueve Ecija last Tuesday.

De Guzman was last seen with 19 year old Carl Arngelo Arnaiz, who is also found dead after allegedly shooting it out with the police authorities in Caloocan City.

Both Arnaiz and De Guzman was last seen leaving their homes in Cainta, Rizal to buy midnight snacks. *
The body of 14 year old Reynaldo "kulot" de Guzman seen floating in the Kinamatayang creek in Gapan, Nueva Ecija (Photo credit to Philstar)

On September 6, the 14-year-old was found dead in Gapan, Nueva Ecija with at least 30 stab wounds to his body. His face was covered with packaging tape and cloth when his body was found floating at Kinamatayang Kabayo Creek early Tuesday.

Sonny Nicholas, a personnel of Dariz Funeral Homes, said that the teenager's body smelled of gasoline.

In a television interview with CNN Philippines, Gapan police chief Supt. Peter Madria said that De Guzman had not been dead for long.

Pedro Roque Jr., agent-in-charge of the Cabanatuan National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), noted that De Guzman would have been a vital witness as to what happened the night Arnaiz was killed.

 Forensics report

National Bureau of Investigation medico-legal Dr. Carlomagno Yalung said that they have yet to issue another statement regarding the number of wounds.

"The body was already embalmed so understandably the stab wounds were already modified by suturing and embalming and again the stab wounds were closer to each other," Yalung said.

Yalung indicated "cardio-respiratory arrest with unknown etiology to be determined awaiting laboratory results" as the cause of death in the postmortem death certificate of the victim.

The medico-legal confirmed that the victim sustained stab wounds in his heart and lungs and that there were indications of a blood clot in his heart cavity. *

According to the NBI forensics team, some stab wounds had entry points in the chest and exit points at the victim's back. The knife used was possibly at least nine inches long.

The parents of Reynaldo, Eduardo and Lina confirmed that the body they recovered is of their son.

"Pinagtataka ko nga. Galing Cainta napunta dito. Katorse anyos lang 'yan," Eduardo told reporters.

Eduardo also confirmed that both their son and Arnaiz had been missing since August 18.

"Wala silang awa na pumatay sa batang nawawala. Tinadtad nila ng saksak," Lina said in a video posted by ABS-CBN News.

 Report form Phil Star







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