Thursday 31 August 2017

Senator Gordon vs. Sen. Chismis ( Gossip)

Gordon strikes back.

A week ago, Senator Antonio Trillanes III called for the change of leadership of the powerful Blue Ribbon Committee, which is now chaired by Senator Richard Gordon. Trillanes accuses Gordon of being unfit  to the post because of his loyalty and lawyering for President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

“His loyalty to Duterte has affected his objectivity as he sometimes appears to be lawyering for/defending him,” said Trillanes, this was in connection to the Senate hearing regarding the P6.4 billion worth of shabu shipment from China that got inside the Philippine Territory and was eventually found inside a warehouse in Valenzuela City. *
Senators trillanes and Gordon at each others neck during the Senate Blue Ribbon Hearing today re the P6.4-billion shabu shipment smuggled into the country

Today, in continuation of the P6.4-billion shapu shipment smuggled into the country.

And both senators are in full show of their dislike with each other, which led Senator Gordon to the thought of filing an ethics complaint against Senator Trillanes following a heated exchange.

"I will file personally an ethics complaint against the gentleman from Bicol," Gordon said, referring to Trillanes.

The heated exchange began when Trillanes questioned why presidential son Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte and presidential son-in-law Mans Carpio had not been summoned to the Senate Blue Ribbon committee hearing, when there was supposedly "enough information" based on Customs fixer Mark Taguba's remarks to do so.

Michael Taguba had linked two members of President Rodrigo Duterte’s family to the so-called “Davao Group”which are the alleged power players in the Bureau of Customs in terms of releasing of shipments.

During the hearing, Gordon asked Taguba to reveal details of the supposed January 16, 2017 meeting in Davao City. Taguba said he brought with him P5 million in a blue Lacoste bag. Upon arriving in Davao City, Taguba said he met with another contact identified only as "Jack," the alleged "handler" of the Vice Mayor.

When pressed for details of where the meeting took place, Taguba said he could not recall, prompting Gordon to warn him not to lie. *

Trillanes then said the witness was being badgered. This caught the ire of Gordon, who said Trillanes was accusing him or Senator Vicente Sotto of mocking the witness.

"Are you accusing the chair or Senator Sotto of badgering the witnesses?" Gordon said.

"You're so fond of making general statements. If you want to make general statements you better prove it," said Gordon.

"This is the Senate of the Republic of the Philippines. This is not a cockpit of chismis (gossip)," he added.

An irate Gordon declared Trillanes "out of order," banged his gavel, and temporarily suspended the session.

Senator Gordon also took offense after Trillanes said the committee is becoming a "committee de absuwelto," or a body absolving the accused of wrongdoing.

"I will move for your contempt then," Gordon said.

Trillanes clarified he mentioned "committee de absuwelto" while the session was suspended, but Gordon said it was still heard by the public as the hearing was also televised.

He told Sotto as Majority Floor Leader that he is filing a complaint against Trillanes before the ethics committee.

"The chairman would like to tell the gentleman from Bicol to behave himself," Gordon said. Trillanes tried to answer but Gordon would not let him. *

Trillanes said Gordon was being "irrational" as the Blue Ribbon committee chairman.

"The Chair has already ruled, you are not recognized," Gordon maintained, turning off Trillanes' microphone at one point.

"I will not answer you. You are out of order," banging his gavel again.

Sotto moved to suspend the session for a few minutes as he tried to calm the lawmakers down.

Trillanes left the session hall but returned when the session resumed.


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