Thursday 17 August 2017

Leaked transcript: Duterte-Trump phone conversation

Two months ago ( April 29 to be exact), while the Philippines  were hosting the ASEAN meeting  with the other heads of state of member countries, a  conversation between  the President of the United States of America and our very own President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

This was supposed to be a confidential conversation between the two, but it was leaked for everyone to know. Manila Times columnist former Ambassador Rigoberto D. Tiglao in his May 26, column claims that Rappler and DFA employees loyal to yellow cult are the ones responsible for the release of the transcript of the phone conversation.

The phone conversation between the two presidents shows a tone was friendly and respectful of each other's view.(photo credit to the owner)

Im quoting parts of the leaked conversation between the two Presidents, And just to show the friendly and respectful  relationship between the two presidents. Where Trump praised Duterte for his drug war, Obama,  the issue pertaining to the threat of a nuclear attack coming from North Korea, and the role of China in trying to restrain North Korea.


29 April 2017

10:00 PM

This is PRRD speaking.

Yes, speaking.

US operator: Yes, Sir, just one moment for President Trump pls.

PRRD: Thank you.

POTUS: Mr President

PRRD: President Trump, thank you for calling, and Good evening, its night over here.

POTUS: Okay I hope its not too late? Its okay isn't it? Is it too late?

PRRD: No its okay we are just having dinner with some of the members of ASEAN

POTUS: Oh ok good becasuse know you don't sleep much, you're just like me. You are not a person who goes to bed at all I know that, right?

PRRD: Yes. You are right Mr. President.

POTUS:  I just wanted to congratulate you because I am hearing of the unbelievable job on the drug problem. Many countries have the problem, we have a problem, but what a great job you are doing and I just wanted to call and tell you that.

PRRD: Thank you Mr. President. This is the scourge of my nation now and I have to do  something to preserve the Filipino nation.

POTUS:  I understand that and fully understand that and I think we had a previous President who did not understand that, but I understand that and we have spoken about this before.

PRRD: Yes I know that. Thank you. Yes.

POTUS: So how is everyone doing, how is the Phls doing?

PRRD:: We are doing fine Mr. president but in the ASEAN summit every member state was really nervous about situation in Korean peninsula but we would like to tell you that we support you and keep on the pressure because as long as those rockets and warheads are in the hands of Kim Jon Un we will never be safe as there's not telling what will happen next.

POTUS: Whats your opinion of him, Rodrigo? Are we dealing with someone who stable or not stable?

PRRD: He is not stable, Mr. President, as he keeps on smiling when he explodes a rocket. He even has gone against China which is the last country he should rebuke. But it seems from his face — he is laughing always and theres as dangerous toy in his hands which could create so much agony and suffering for all mankind.

POTUS: Well, he has got powder but he doesn't have the delivery system. All his rockets are crashing. That's the good news. But eventually when he gets that delivery system... What do you hunk about China? Does China have power over him?

PRRD: Yes at the end of the day, the last card, the ace has to be with China. Its only China. He is playing with his bombs, his toys and from the looks of it, his mind is not working well and he might just go crazy one moment. China should make a last ditch effort to tell him to lay off. China will play a very important role there.

(POTUS: ...)

Every generation has a mad man — in our generation is Kim Jung Un — you are dealing with a very delicate problem

POTUS: we can handle it

PRRD: but you can keep the pressure on him.

POTUS: I hope China solves the problem. They really have the means because a great degree of their stuff come through China. (...)

PRRD: I will try to make a call to President Xi Jinping and I will try to tell him that if we will remain to be peaceful, China has the card. The other option is a nuclear blast which is not good for everybody.

POTUS: You can tell him I am counting on him. I have a very good relationship with him. I had him in Florida for two days and got to know him well. He is a good guy.

PRRD: I will do that I will call his Ambassador here and will make an appointment to call him. It will be good if you can keep the pressure on Kim but actually we are all worried as we are all within the striking distance of his rockets. We are all afraid.

POTUS: We cant let a madman with nuclear weapons let on the loose like that. (...)

PRRD: We believe it, we know it all along. I will try to make a call tmrw to China.

POTUS: Pls call China and tell them we are all counting on China. Tell the President—we became friends for two days—he was great.

On another subject, I am coming to see you I guess sometime

PRRD: November hopefully, we will be happy to see you

POTUS: Thank you Mr President. You are a good man. Yes, certainly in November. Welcome and thank you and we will be happy to see you, Rodrigo. I look forward to seeing you,

If you want to come to the Oval office, I will love to have you in Oval office.

Anytime you want to come.

I will be in the Phls in Nov, but anytime if you are in DC or anywhere, come see me in the Oval office.

Work it out with your staff. Seriously, if you want to come over, just let us know.

Just take care of yourself, and we will take care of North Korea.

Keep up good work, you are doing an amazing job.

Say hello to people of the Philippines for me.

PRRD: They know that you are calling. It is the last day of the ASEAN Summit and everyone was asking Sultan Bolkia just left but I will tell remaining guys here what you told me. We are all for peace, there's no secret about that.

POTUS: Good, you take care of yourself , come see me beore November, you are invited anytime.

PRRD: I will do that Mr. President. Thank you for the concern. God bless you Mr. President

POTUS: Take care of yourself, Rodrigo. God bless you.


Leaked taken from philstar.


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