Monday 3 April 2017

DND: wants to acquire multi-role fighters, missile-armed frigates,anti-submarine helicopters...

With the near completion of the Fighter/Surface Attack Aircraft/Lead-in Fighter Trainer (F/SAA/LIFT) project (FA-50PH Fighting Eagles), other military armaments are expected to be delivered.

Sweden's Defense and Security company Saab has opened a new office in Manila and has been reported to be offering its multi-role jets "JAS 39 Gripen" to the Philippine Air Force (Photo credit to the owner)

The Government is looking for more platforms to boost external defense, Secretary of National Defense Delfin Lorenzana said.

“As we are now in the second horizon of our Armed Forces of the Philippines modernization program, we are looking into the acquisition of more equipment for our external defense missions,” he said.

The delivery of the 12 supersonic trainers bought for P18.9 billion in 2014 by the Aquino administration from South Korean defense contractor Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI), under the military's modernization program, will be complete this coming May. This is four months earlier than the original date. see

Lorenzana said he was looking at acquiring missile-armed frigates, anti-submarine helicopters, multi-role fighters and long-range patrol aircraft, among others.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernization Program is divided in three horizons :

  • 1st horizon 2013-2017
  • 2nd horizon 2018-2022
  • 3rd horizon 2023-2028

The second horizon is geared for the acquisition of equipment more attuned to external defense missions and has a programmed funding of around P100 billion.
Japan is also being eyed  for possible military transfer or sale to the Philippine government.The delivery of the Beechcraft TC-90  is seen as only a training platform for our PAF for the eventual acquisition of  the more advance P-3C Orion(shown above) as its maritime patrol and anti submarine warfare platform( maxdefense) see related

Unconfirmed reports has stated that for the Philippine Air Force has its eyes locked in at the “JAS 39 Gripen” to fill the role as its multi-role fighter jet. The aircraft is also the only jet fighter capable of landing in Philippine controlled Rancudo airstrip in the disputed Spratly Islands.

UPDATE: May 29, 2017

The Aquino administrations’s purchase of twelve (12) FA-50 lead in fighter jets from South Korea’s Korea Aerospace Industries for P18.9 billion is now complete.

the Philippine Air Force received the two (2) remaining FA-50PH “Fighting Eagle” last May 30, 2017.

The delivery of the twelve (12) supersonic trainers was pursued by the previous administration under the Armed Forces of the Philippines Horizon 1 phase. The delivery date is four(4) months earlier than the original agreed date.

The PAF, have already submitted a request to the Department of National Defense for a possible plans to acquire at least six (6) more(possibly 12) FA-50s. FA-50s, originally dubbed as the Fighter/Surface Attack Aircraft/Lead-in Fighter Trainer (F/SAA/LIFT) project. This would equip the PAF to have the FA-50PH Fighting Eagles which could be used for interdiction, ground attack, and lead-in-fighter training for future Multi-role advance fighters.

The first batch of fighter jets arrived in November 2015, which marked the symbolic return of the PAF to the supersonic age. Supersonic refers to aircraft capability of flying faster than sound or 750 miles per hour.

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