Tuesday 14 March 2017

Philippine Senator labels more than 50% of Filipino drivers- STUPID

Because they are Stupid.
"jingabutin" scene in Manila( photo credit to the owner)

That’s according to Senator Vicente Sotto III, when asked how did he came up with the idea that more than half of Filipino drivers will fail an honest-to-goodness driver’s examination.

“Here in the Philippines, if we [give drivers an honest-to-goodness examination like those required in other countries, especially the United States], I expect more than 50 percent of will not pass,” Sotto said during a hearing on road safety called by the Senate committee on public services on Tuesday.

“Terrible. They are not only reckless but they are also stupid, that’s why they will surely fail,”  Sotto said.

“In a real examination, 50 percent of drivers in the Philippines will fail,” he said, without explaining the sudden reduction in his estimate.

Filipino drivers not following traffic rules has a ripple effect in contributing to the already worst congestions in our roads, plus the Filipinos penchant to park along city streets.

 “Who’s responsible for that if not stupid drivers?” former comedian-actor turned politician said.

“They violate the law because they did not go through scrutiny. It’s so easy to get a driver’s license here,” Sotto said.

JICA Study

The study done by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in 2014 has concluded that the gridlock in the streets is costing the Philippines at least P2.4 Billion a day. Without intervention, the cost of the monstrous traffic is likely to reach P6 billion a day by 20130, the same study by JICA noted.

This is how it looks like when its rush hour in Epifanio De los Santos Avenue (EDSA) ( photo credit- philstar.com)
"The impact of traffic is horrendous. People spend so much time in getting a ride, getting to their respective offices," Dr. Rene E. Ofreneo, director of the Center for Labor Justice of the UP School of Labor and industrial Relations said in a phone interview.

The supposed 8-hour a day an employee must spend for work, rest, and socialization have now been reduced because of the gridlock, Ofreneo said.

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