Wednesday 1 November 2017

Trillanes : Trump calling him "Lil narco" is FAKE NEWS

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is back!

Fresh from his unexplainable trip in the United States he is now, faced of an issue where a  major broadsheet – the Philippine Star  columnist ( HIDDEN AGENDA. Ms. Mary Ann LL. Reyes) in her column titled “ A major embarrassment” published that:

“For US President Donald Trump, Sen. Antonio Trillanes is a small fry, someone not worth wasting his time, a nobody. *

Screen grab from Senator Trillanes Twitter account
While onboard Air Force One, Trump was reportedly asked by a reporter about Trillanes’ visit to the US and this is what the President said: “The little narco met with Senator Marco (referring to US Senator Marco Rubio).”

The reporter asked Trump if it is true that Trillanes was trying to convince him to skip the East Asia Summit scheduled in Manila on Nov. 14.

Trump responded: “Senator who? Like I said senator who? The lil narco who met Marco? Who’d he get a visa? Isn’t he wanted, doesn’t he have an arrest warrant or something?”

It has been reported that Trillanes went to the US recently to campaign for President Trump not to attend the ASEAN meetings and ultimately snub President Duterte who is hosting and leading the event.

But of course, Trillanes is denying that was the purpose of his visit, especially after his major embarrassment.

President Trump stressed he is definitely going to Manila to meet the main guy. “A leaders’ leader, man’s man Rody, we talk from time to time, He’s the head of ASEAN right now and when you do deal, you deal with the boss.”

If I were Trillanes, I would bury my head in the sand, or better disappear into thin air. How many times has he embarrassed himself for Christ’s sake? Remember his controversial interview with BBC Hardtalk news anchor Stephen Sackur during which the latter observed that Trillanes’ views on the President and his policies were out of tune and inharmonious with public sentiment? *

Trillanes: FAKE NEWS

In a text message, Trillanes said: “That's fake news. They can't even cite the news outfit that conducted the interview.”

"In the first place, those senior US government officials would not meet with me if I had dubious credentials," the senator said. "Moreover, a significant remark like that would've been captured by mainstream media and not released through bloggers, fake news websites and tabloid columns." The senator said.

Trillanes met with US Senator Marco Rubio last month. Rubio confirmed the meeting, saying they discussed “US-Philippines alliance, combating corruption, and protecting human rights amid their narcotics crisis.”

report from Philstar and GMA news

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