Thursday 19 October 2017

Duterte to Western nations re PH drug problem:In a civilized way you may take the lead role in solving it

President Rodrigo Duterte and his relationship to the  western countries  never stops being controversial.

Last week, President Rodrigo Duterte vented his ire against the EU, wherein he mistakenly accused Europe for calling for the country’s ouster from the United Nations he further told the European diplomats to leave the country in 24 hours .

During his speech the President on Thursday again slammed western nations for their criticism against his war on illegal drugs, but he said they are free to help Manila solve its drug problem “in a civilized way.” *

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A very strong reminder was said by the Duterte, and that is for the west not to impose its will on the Philippines, particularly on how to tackle the country’s drug problem.

“I would like to address myself now to the Western world. Please do not impose your will on us. Do not derogate our sovereignty by lecturing on us,” Duterte said in a speech in Manila.

“Tell us if you are ready to deal with the problem, I’d be happy to order my soldiers and my policemen just to relax. And if any western country is interested to do it the civilized way, then come. I am inviting you to join the fray. And I would be glad to appoint you the lead role in the problem.”

The President added that if the West cannot stop interfering, “at least be educated in your assessment.”

He also said nations that have problems with how the Philippines carries out its policies may go to the United Nations to complain.

“We have the United Nations. If you think, you have qualms against me, go to the United Nations, make your representations, state your complaint and ask the body to investigate us for being a member of that organization,” Duterte said. *

Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Allan Peter Cayetano also made known that the Philippines will no longer accept any grants from the EU to stop the latter’s meddling in purely domestic affairs. Thoug if the grants are without strings attached, Manila will accept.


Report from abs-cbn

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