Wednesday 18 October 2017

AFP Chief of Staff Año: Hapilon offered to pay millions to escape from Marawi

And now it can be told.

Few days after the President declared the liberation of Marawi and the smoke from the battlefield are settling, reports have been intercepted by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) regarding what was going in the mind of Islamic State terrorist leader  Isnilon Hapilon before Monday.

The terrorist leader maybe sensing his imminent demise offered millions of pesos to anyone that can help him, his family, and members form the main battle area in Marawi City, this was bared by AFP Chief of Staff Eduardo Año in a radio interview. *
AFPChief of Staff Eduardo Año shows the images of the slain ISIS leaders Isnilon Hapilon and Omar Maute (photo credit to CNN Phils.)

“That was the main plan of Hapilon, to escape from the main battle area along with his remaining members and his family. In fact, he even offered that he will pay millions [of pesos]to anyone who can provide him a banca and that can guide them out from the main battle area,” Año said in an interview over Radyo Singko.

But Año said that the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) vowed to get Hapilon dead or alive with the help of rescued hostages who pinpointed the main location of Hapilon and Maute leader Omarkhayam Maute.

The elite members of the Philippine Army’s 8th Scout Rangers (“Destroyer”) and the Light Reaction Commands were the ones who led the pre-dawn assaults that resulted to the death of Isnilon, Omar Maute and seven other terrorists.

The Chief of Staff said it was the hostages who confirmed the main building where Hapilon was hiding from state forces, “which is why this has been the focus of our previous operations.”

President Rodrigo  Roa Duterte declared on Tuesday that Marawi City was liberated from the terrorists but Año said there were remaining “stragglers” inside the battle zone, who were now the subjects of a manhunt, along with 18 more hostages.  *

“But I can say that these stragglers are no longer threats since they are on their own now and surviving that is why we will not stop until we get these remaining stragglers,” he said.


Report form offered to pay millions to escape from Marawi–Año)
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