Tuesday 5 September 2017

Duterte : No ‘policy to kill’ in PNP

The President of the Republic defended his national police.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has made a statement after what has happened in the senate hearing regarding the death of 17 year old Kian Delos Santos.

Duterte, felt he has to made a statement when the Chief Philippine National Police cried during the Senate hearing. *
PNP Chief Dir. Gen. Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa got a little too emotional during the exchanges between him and Senator Risa Hontiveros (photo credit to owner)

"Kaya umiyak 'yung tao nga eh. It's an insult na sabihin it's a policy of the police to kill," Duterte said.

Chief PNP Dela Rosa cannot contain her emotions in the senate hearing when Senator Risa Hontiveros keeps on reiterating that there seems to be a “system to the killings.”

Media during police operations

The President suggested that the PNP should bring along with them members of the media in their police operations to be the third party if there is indeed  anomalous or foul  in all illegal drugs operations conducted by the authorities.

"Paunahin mo sila so that they can get the story from the beginning to the end. Kasi kung papasukin lang at tapos na ang barilan, sabi naman niyo, 'Ah, tinapunan lang 'yan ng baril diyan,'" Duterte said.  

At the early part of the hearing , Chief PNP Dela Rosa already denied once again that there is a directive coming from the President himself as regards a state policy of killing drug suspects.

However, he said deaths  of few is to be expected in their war against illegal drugs, Senator Hontiveros told the PNP chief that she was asking an accountability from the president.

Hontiveros was criticized by the President,  saying two deaths did not make a policy. *

"Dalawang patay. Palagay na natin, pinatay, murder o.. I asked Hontiveros, 'Is that already a policy? Is that the baseline of a policy?' Paka-bobo naman niya," Duterte said.

He then accused Hontiveros of politicking, and asked why there was no reaction from her when a family was massacred in Bulacan.

"'Yung limang pinatay doon sa Bulacan, na pati 'yung one-year-old na bata pinakialaman, pinatay … Why don't I hear, I do not hear her crying or even complaining that the police are not doing enough," Duterte said.  "Ang problema sa inyo, 'yung pinapakialaman niyo, 'yung patayan, 'yung magamit ninyo sa politika."

Report from cnnphils
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