Thursday 6 April 2017

Duterte: 30,000 units of Gloc 30 sidearms will be delivered to the Armed Forces of the Philippines

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte in the last part of his military camp visits of the Armed Forces of the Philippine  units since he assumed being the Commander-in-Chief last year- visited Armed Forces of the Philippine (AFP) Western Command (WESCOM) Tactical Wing and Naval Force troops at Camp General Artemio G. Ricarte in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.
The unprecedented dissemination of sidearms to the members of the AFP, are for them to carry it while they are in civilian clothes and outside their camps most especially when they are assigned in Mindanao, Jolo and Zamboanga.Picture of the Gloc 30 caliber,above(

In the same occasion where the President gave his marching orders to occupy all unoccupied territories in the Spratly's. The President also said that the delivery of 30,000 units of short firearms will be delivered to the members of the AFP.

“Iyong mga sundalo ko pinagpapatay ng mga NPA,” Duterte said. “Ngayon, nag-order ako, i-deliver na bukas. (Asks Secretary Delfin Lorenzana) May initial delivery na na 30,000. Pero lahat bigyan ko kayo.”

“Maraming beses ko ng sinasabi, huwag kayong lumabas sa kampo lalo na sa Mindanao, Zamboanga, Jolo na mag-lakad lakad kayo na walang baril. Wala kayong kalaban-laban. Hindi naman kayo pwede magdala (ng mahabang baril in civilian clothing). Bigyan ko kayo ng baril,” the President said.

The Glock 30 caliber .45 handgun, is maintenance free, the Pres. said.

“Just clean the barrel,” he added. He said all the troops in the Philippines will soon have this kind of gun, maybe before the year ends.

The Pres. also said that there will also be a Colt Lightweight Commander caliber .45 handgun that will arrive for the troops to have a preference as to their liking.

Update : from Maxdefense blog site (

The numerous speeches conducted by the President in the different camps that he visits, there is always a promise that he will provide the soldiers with side arms pistols of their own.

According to MaxDefense, the promise pistols have not been received by the Armed Forces of the Philippines military personnel. Said project would still have to undergo bidding as per provided by procurement law.

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